EVGA XR1 lite Capture Card

official product page; here

after trying several different hdmi capture cards, i have finally found the right one.

as a perfectionist, i don't accept anything less than perfect capture. i have tried many capture cards without any luck, many having choppy framerate, fuzz, small text distortion, or just being finicky.

the elgato HDPro60 was the closest to perfection, but completely falls short when it comes to linux support, which it has zero, not even rigged up homemade drivers.

so years later i saw a new capture card by EVGA, claiming to support linux, at a suspicious low price of ~$60, much cheaper or same price as the other terrible chinese products. i decided to take a chance from the reputable company.

the xr1-lite performs great right out of the box. it captures smooth 60fps at 1080p, while retaining fine detail.

this product is an absolute must, especially if you use linux. nothing beats its price, performance, & portability.

i have tested capturing game emulators from a RPi, and a DSLR camera.
environment used; xubuntu 20.04 with OBS 27+.