keygen challenge (linux)

Published February 14th, 2024

i made a generic keygen and offer a challenge for someone to reverse engineer it, just for fun. the first person to enter a valid serial will automatically cause this page to become locked, their provided serial, name, comment, with timestamp, will be displayed publicly.

disassemble, analyze the keygen, figure out how to generate a valid serial by any means, then use it on this page.

other notes;
this page has the identical code inside to check against the input serial, so it must pass the original algorithm within the binary.

small hint;
the keygen is very quiet, so listen carefully.

download; keygen-x86.elf
md5 hash; bb36cb097243745326185e2f1f30e4d9

04/21/2024; Due to security reasons, the form below has been disabled and its backend functionality removed. The information otherwise given below can be sent to me personally, then manually processed.

 required length 1-30

 required length 1-60

 required length 1-??

    permitted special characters; .,'?!/@