project64 nag removal

while Project64 is free to use, the developers have added a nag dialog, asking for donations.

this modification allows any registration code to be accepted, thus disabling the dialog.

the trick is to modify two conditional jump instructions; avoiding the rejection of invalid codes.

how to patch it yourself;
open primary executable (Project64.exe) in a hex editor
search & replace the original values with NOP (90) at these addresses;

for use of version; Project64 3.0.1-5664-2df3434

Make sure you allow the program through your firewall.

Quick How To Instructions;

» Place "Project64_patched.exe" within the installation directory along side of "Project64.exe".
» Run the patched executable. If the registration dialog doesn't automatically appear, then click on the tab Help->SupportProject64.
» On this dialog you'll see a blue clickable link, this opens another dialog to enter in a unique registration code.
» Enter any text into the box & click OK. If you're using the patched executable, it will accept the code.
» A registry key is created for future registration validation.
» You can now exit & continue to use the original unpatched executable.
» Optionally, you can delete the patched executable, as it is no longer needed.
» Now when you click the tab Help->SupportProject64, that once blue clickable link is now grey & disabled, meaning it is registered.
» The support dialog with timer will no longer appear.

MD5 hashs
ec5b993905b89f85bb6a9bb718fdc603  Project64_original.exe
738408933403b1e3439938d27cc03d4f  Project64_patched.exe

executables;  Project64_original.exe  Project64_patched.exe

below is a screenshot with ollydbg for a better reference.