» THUGPro Trainer

• Introduction
    » Here is a simple THUGPro "Trainer" that I made recently.
    » This Trainer edits the game's memory in real time,
    » it does not make any modifications to files.

• Features
    » Gain extra points for doing tricks.
    » Faster bail recovery, skips button mashing.
    » Jumping higher while running around.

• Notes
    » Made for unmodified THUGPro version only.
    » Using other modifications such as "Plus" may cause conflicts.
    » Running THUGPro.exe as administrater may cause attachment failure.

• Changelog
    » v001; Initial Release

• MD5 hashs
    » 8f712f295b343d69a50f8a9b0523f250  THUGPro_Trainer.exe

• Download
    » THUGPro_Trainer.exe