amxmodx superban

This release is more for a reference rather than the plugin actually being useful itself.

SuperBan is a proprietary AMXX plugin made by Lukmanov Ildar, protected by keyfile comparison. The official authenication server is defunct as of now.

Dedicated gameserver and webserver with administration access. (Both can be used on the same machine and seperated machines.)

Put the webserver folder contents within the root of your webserver.

Re-route the superban domain to your own webserver

Edit your hosts file with a text edit.
Linux: /etc/hosts
Windows: \Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Put this line into your hosts file. (Change the IP if needed for your configuration.)

File Notes;
keygen.php can generate acceptable keys used by the official compiled plugin.
superban.json is fetched by the plugin running on the game server to validate its license.
this file will need to be recognized by the web server as a php file, manual configuration may be needed for this.
There is a .htaccess file that might be hidden if you are using linux, don't miss it!