THUGPro Hack

»  This hack tool edits the game's memory in real time,
»  it does not make any modifications to files.

Features bikethieficon.png
»  Gain extra points for doing tricks.
»  Faster bail recovery, skips button mashing.
»  Jumping higher while running around.
»  Travel into "Out of Bounds" areas.
»  Perfect Balance for Grind, Manual, Lip Tricks
»  Moon Gravity

»  Made for unmodified THUGPro version only.
»  Using other modifications such as "Plus" may cause conflicts.
»  Running THUGPro.exe as administrater may cause attachment failure.
»  Windows may detect this hack tool as a threat due to process/memory manipulation.
»  If the tool's text is blurry, windows DPI scaling may be the cause.

»  v001; Initial Release
»  v002; Added New Feature; No Boundary
»  v003; Added Moon Gravity, Perfect Grind & Manual
»  v004; Improved methods for some features
»  v005; Added Perfect Balance for Lip Grab
»  v006; cleaned up

»  Windows 7 or Later
»  THUGPro Client from
»  THUG2 Game for PC

MD5 hashs
»  2C83FB836BD40870806AC5A983D050F0

thugpro_hack_v006.exe  ↩ download

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