here is a list of my public amxmodx plugins.

blockBside.smablocks players from entering the B side of de_dust2.
35hp_FullHealth.smadisables the automatic damage afflicted on players upon spawn. affects multiple 35hp type maps.
35hp_cars_reset.smaThis plugin is for the map 35hp_cars. It allows the cars to be reset & set back to their spawn. This is either done automatically by a set number of seconds, or by an admin command.
35hp_glass_reset.smaallows the glass to be weaken & break when a player stands on it. it also respawns broken glass after a period of time.
AdminChat.smaallows admins to see chat messages from both teams
DeathMatch.smaAutomatic removal and respawn of weapons with given time. Automatic player respawn with given delay Automatic spawn for latecomers
DeathrunManager.smaDeathrun Manager
MiscFixes.smamoves teleport destinations lower to prevent unintentional fall damage
NoKillZones.zipCreates No Kill Zones, damage neither is give or taken while a player is within the zone.
PUG.zipcustom PUG plugin
RollTheDice.zipcustom Roll the Dice plugin.
ZombieEscape.smaThis is a zombie escape plugin from scratch from years ago. It still needs work. Consider it to be in alpha status.
adminspec.smaquick switch between teams for admins.
akcoltEnforcer.smaCreates trigger_push between the team sides, preventing both teams from rushing to the other sides. After some time, the trigger_push will become ineffective, allows the teams to reach the other side if needed.
antispam.smasome chat spammers would send messages to chat without fully joining the server. this plugin blocks chat messages from players that don't belong to any team, including CT, T, SPEC. it also logs the player's information for insight. mostly used for nonsteam servers.
antistuck.smaanti stuck plugin
automap.smachanges map to a default map if the player count goes below a set number.
block_pass.smaanti block plugin for admins
superban.htmlreversed engineered server script for superban
button_wait.smasets cooldown time for buttons
deathrun_fixes1.smarandom deathrun map bug fixes
fy_snow_awp.smaadds more AWPs to fy_snow_awp
gsDemon.smathis plugin enables & disables the server password automatically at specific times.
he_glass_weakglass.smaallows the weakening & breaking of glass when a player stands on it
jbMapPlugins.smabunch of jailbreak map plugins
knife_skin.smasimple method to change the knife skin
map_restarter.smathis plugin will restart the map after a set number of rounds. mostly useful for servers that run the same map 24/7 without any restart.
starcraft_keygen.smajust a simple keygen, maybe good for reference.
surf_icebob2.smaCorrects intentional flaws within the map, rendering it playable. Adds optional respawn for players & weapons
surf_simpsons_pro.smaRenders built-in shortcuts ineffective & announces player's name on map completion
surf_ski-1337.smaCorrects intentional flaws within the map, rendering it playable. Gives option for bomb usability